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Did you know that you can be you AND be a leader too?

In fact, the most inspiring leaders are those who are not afraid to be themselves. Why? Because being inspiring means being true to yourself. It is also about being...


Happy with self as a leader, able to communicate effectively, and recognizes leadership is a journey.


Cares about people and the work. Cares about the organization. Wants to connect with others and do great work, together.

Impact Driven

Wants to make a difference. Values results and wants to feel like the work is contributing to a bigger picture. 

The Blue Morpho butterfly is a symbol of transformation.  It is also a granter of wishes.

What do you wish most for your leadership? Let us help you make YOUR wish come true by supporting you in your leadership journey.

Let's transform your leadership together!

Who we help

At Blue Morpho we have the privilege of helping new and aspiring women leaders to grow their confidence, improve their leadership competencies, and have an impact on others. We help you to be true to who YOU are in your leadership. We work with:

Aspiring Leaders

You are not a leader yet but you want to be in future. You want to grow your confidence and develop your leadership abilities now so you will be the kind of leader that other people WANT to follow.

New Leaders

You are new to leadership. You feel like you are doing okay but you want to increase your confidence and improve your leadership abilities so that you can be great at it. You want to have an impact. 

"I love helping women to grow their confidence and abilities so that they make a successful leap into leadership. I have had the privilege of coaching, teaching, and training leaders at all levels, as well as being a senior leader myself for many years. Here's what I have found: you can be the unique person that you are AND be successful in leadership. But it requires a commitment to 3 things: Growing your confidence. Building your competency. Increasing your impact. You can be an effective and inspiring leader. Let me help you get there. "

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